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Investment banking

Verity caters to the Investment Banking (Analytics) research services needs of global financial institutions. Services are offered through its function-specific sector coverage teams across nine industry verticals and multiple Product group teams. Our seasoned teams of financial analysts have redefined the concept of outsourcing within the top tier financial services domain with unparalleled, quality-driven, client-centric solutions. Over the course of the last four years, we have consistently expanded our spectrum of services across numerous challenging verticals.

The operating model framework complies with the most stringent compliance norms of bulge-bracket Investment Banks.

Our competitive edge is demonstrated by the fact that Verity Analysts have made a foray into mainstream Investment Banking on Wall Street as well as London Financial District.

M&A Analytics

Verity is a leading provider of quantitative and qualitative research and analytics services to investment banks and advisory firms globally. We help our clients realise potential synergies through significant cost reduction avenues achieved by meaningful, value-added outsourcing alternatives. Upon leveraging our core competency skill set in financial research and Analytics, the Client stands to benefit by focusing on activities and operations that are more core to its value chain. Sector teams at Verity, on a proactive, target-based approach, remain consistently focused on identifying product streams that could be outsourced and that in turn releases capacity at the Clients' on-site locations. Key products include but are not limited to:

Quantitative Deliverables:
  • Comparative company analysis
  • Precedent transaction analysis
  • Capital structure analysis
  • Financial and operational benchmarking
  • WACC analysis
  • Discounted Cash Flow
  • Accretion & Dilution analysis
  • Leveraged Buy Out analysis
  • Integrated Merger Models
  • Ability to Pay analysis
  • Combination analysis
  • Football field analysis
Qualitative Deliverables:
  • Company profiles
  • thematic industry studies
  • Capital market updates
  • Buyer's list
  • Information Memorandums
  • IPO and M&A case studies
  • Market positioning study
  • Competitor analysis
  • Share price graphs
  • Broker recommendation and trends
  • Ownership analysis — current and historical
  • Synergy analysis and target and acquirer analysis. Informatics and Processes: Regular external and internal newsletters, buyers lists, briefing packs, market updates, presentations and graphics services, library services (BIS), virtual data room (VDR) management and investor databases

Equity Capital Market

We provide Equity capital market support pertaining to Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), Follow-on offerings, block deals, Rights issues and other investments in the nature of PIPE. Key product deliverables include:
  • IPO models
  • Capital markets analysis
  • Sector themes
  • Industry boilers
  • Deal Pipeline analysis
  • Equity League tables

Debt Capital Market

Services provided in this segment include research and analysis covering various debt instruments that include bonds, convertible debt, straight debt, syndication, hybrid and structured products.
  • Debt models
  • Leverage landscape analysis
  • Yield benchmarking analysis
  • Acquisition apetite analysis
  • Refinancing analysis
  • Credit overview
  • Ratings analysis

Leverage Finance

We offer research services and analysis to our Banking clients in the field of Leverage Finance. Key services include:
  • Benchmarking
  • Coverage ratios
  • Yield sensitivity analysis
  • Liquidity profiling
  • Market themes

Information Center

Verity provides information center services to help clients build critical marketing materials and financial models. We offer the following range of services:
  • Public Information Books (PIBs)
  • Sector creds
  • Procuring company based and industry based broker notes/research reports
  • Regular external and internal newsletters
  • Briefing packs
  • Market updates
  • Library services
  • Investor databases
  • New Issue search runs
We help our clients rationalise costs by managing data source access and maintaining record of account holders for them. This activity is tradionally considered to be very difficult to outsource. Verity has successfully helped its clients curb costs by optimising and rationalising their data sources expenses. The Market Data Services offered to our clients include:
  • Managing data source access and maintaining record of account holders for the client
  • Cost allocation for usage of data sources
  • Data source troubleshooting
  • Ad-hoc Requests

CXO Management Services

A new initiative to offer quality outsourcing services to IB-CEO/COO Management office, building up on the skills of the Analytics division
Strategic Value Addition to the Management

Presentation & Editorial Services

Businesses, today, need to respond to rapidly changing market conditions with innovation. Presentations matter in any and all formats, as they determine how impactful your message can be.

A team at Verity is dedicated to producing high-impact presentations in a variety of formats, in a timely and professional manner. This team develops, designs and produces high quality presentation material tailored to the needs of the client. It helps support important brand marketing objectives, through consistent application of corporate identity principles, following prescribed customer guidelines and performing a number of tasks within a variety of systems to achieve this.

The team, not only has capabilities of creating quality presentations using PowerPoint, Word and Excel, but also works in retracing logos and maps as vector images using Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw and other available tools.


Verity has a robust Workflow Management Tool. The team accepts workflow/projects from the client, which are then analyzed to:
- Ascertain the nature of work
- Skill set and resources required
- Time that would be required for completion
- Deadline and priority of request vis-a-vis other requests
- Reprioritization, if required

The project is assigned to a Document Specialist. The Workflow Management Tool keeps the client updated and notified about the status of the project. When the project is completed, it is sent for a Quality Check to make sure the delivery is as desired. Post the quality check, the Project is delivered to the client through the automated tool.

Language Translation Services

Verity offers language translation services to its clients who are constrained by language-related challenges. Analysts engage not only in procuring basic data from a host of data sources, but also help clients synthesize complex data and prepare reports in all major languages.


Verityの知識ソリューション一流ナレッジプロセスアウトソーシング(KPO)会社が投資銀行(IB)/コーポレート·ファイナンスの研究と分析サポートサービスを提供しています。 Verityのは、顧客の固有の要件に対応するために、クライアント中心のソリューションを提供することを目的


Verity Knowledge Solutions ist ein Top-Tier-Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) bietet Investment Banking (IB) / Corporate Finance Forschung und Analytik Support-Dienstleistungen. Verity zielt auf die Bereitstellung von kundenorientierten Lösungen für die individuellen Anforderungen seiner Kunden ansprechen


Verity Knowledge Solutions est un haut Process Outsourcing connaissances de niveau (KPO) entreprise fournissant Investment Banking (IB) / recherche et l'analyse des services de soutien Finance d'Entreprise. Verity vise à fournir des solutions client-centric pour répondre aux besoins uniques de ses clients

Medical Communications

Our medical communications talent pool is a unique blend of medically qualified (including post-graduates) and para-medical (PhD, pharmacists) skilled writers hailing from academics, clinical research, clinical practice and the Pharma industry.

Our specialists have the ability to understand and analyse complex scientific data, construct sound scientific discussion and communicate in clear language. This team is trained and equipped to deliver high-quality documents ranging from IBs and protocols through clinical narratives and aggregate reports like ASRs/ DSURs to CSRs and eCTD components, and peer-reviewed publications eventually published in indexed journals, including manuscripts, abstracts and posters.

Verity ensures that each stage of the writing process is performed to a consistently high standard. Our writers are committed to excellence, quality and customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on consistently delivering projects that are scientifically credible and that exceed our client's expectations.