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About Us

Verity Knowledge Solutions is a top tier Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) firm providing Investment Banking (IB)/Corporate Finance research & analytics support and Medical Communications services. Verity aims at delivering client-centric solutions to address its clients' unique requirements. The services offered by the firm are comprehensive and pan across all aspects of a transaction life cycle - pitching through to execution. The niche analytical research services offered by Verity translates into significant cost savings, enhanced productivity and bottom line growth for its clients. Research services cover valuation, financial modelling, quantitative benchmarking and qualitative industry research in areas of Corporate Advisory, Equity Capital Markets, Debt Capital Markets, Leverage Finance and others.

Our sector groups assisting onshore Banking teams are systematically structured along the lines of geographic verticals and industry silos to provide accurate and effective solutions that are customized to the client’s needs. In addition to its Corporate Finance Analytics, Verity also offers Information Center research (library services) to clients. The Company operates in a SEZ through its state-of-the–art facility at Hitech City, Hyderabad, and is designed to ensure highest level of data confidentiality and protection. Verity is popular at the prominent campuses across the country and hires the brightest MBAs, Chartered Accountants, Engineers, PhDs and graduates in the field of Commerce, Economics and Pharmaceutical sciences. Clients have access to a highly qualified, driven team of professionals with significant expertise across a host of industry domains panning various geographies.


To provide comprehensive services and maintain a standard of excellence based on mutual respect. Champion and advocate service, quality, value and ongoing continuous improvement to develop a reputation of excellence that generates business. We value integrity, customer focus, creativity, and efficient and nimble actions and respect highly motivated people and team spirit. We positively support environmental matters, safety and society.


Our vision serves as the framework for our mission and guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.

Verity's Management Philosophy

Verity believes that "Successful managers can only understand the entire work process if they integrate their duties to comprehend the multiple aspects of their business.

Verity operates on below Management Principles: